Inventive production with inventive music

Enjoyably metatextual “Paunvere Poiste igavene kevade” (The eternal spring of Paunvere boys), written and directed by Urmas Lennuk, premiered on 2nd of November at the Rakvere Theatre.

It is an inventive production with inventive music (Kulno Malva and Kristjan Priks), most of which is played live on the stage. Skillful handling of familiar melodies and runo songs is a real treat for folk music fans. I’d especially like to bring out Vootele Ruusmaa, a very good lead singer, and Silja Miks with her beautiful voice.

Compliments to the design work (Kristjan Suits, Tallinn City Theatre) – the slightly surrealistic stage design allows plenty of playfulness, which is used to the maximum with sheer joy. The actors have fun portraying characters, peeking like meerkats, and create a harmonious ensemble in every way.